Ludlam Island Brewery

In an area where the local brewery scene is growing larger every year, it can be tough to make your business stand out among the rest. Ludlam Island Brewery, located in Seaville, New Jersey, has had no problem reeling in the customers. The brewery opened June 30th, 2016 and has quickly made a name for itself, already having sold product to about 40 local bars. Ludlam is open everyday from 12-8, offering tours and tastings to visitors.

When I first got to the brewery, I immediately felt at home. With warm colors inside the building and great music playing, it felt like a little taste of summertime in the middle of February. As part of the New Jersey law, you must take a tour of the brewery before drinking anything, so that I did. The brewery displayed all the different ingredients used in each beer and showed the entire process of creating a brew. The tour was great, but I was itchy to try one of these beers.

After talking to the bartender for a little while, I ordered a flight, which includes four five-ounce samples of any beer on tap. It’s a nice way to sample before committing to a whole pint.

Kristen Ralph, the bartender at the brewery, stated “The Fish Alley IPA has been by far the most popular since opening. We try to provide our customers with new brews every couple weeks, but Fish Alley keeps getting bought to we keep serving it.” After she recommended a few others, I decided to try the Fish Alley IPA, Lamplight IPA, Polar Bear Porter, and the Bay Muck Brown ale.

After trying them all, I too agreed that Fish Alley IPA is to die for. “It’s a good brew for new and experienced IPA drinkers,” said Ralph. “I liked to tell new customers that it’s a nice way to get your toes wet in the IPA world.”

Jamie Hagan, a first timer at Ludlam Island, said “I don’t consider myself an IPA drinker, but that’s the best one I’ve ever had.” She continued to say that although she liked Fish Alley, her favorite was Amontillado stout.

Overall, the atmosphere of the place was amazing and the only thing better was the brews they had on tap. After a couple more samples and some Rolling Stones songs, I decided I must be in heaven.

I highly recommend Ludlam Island Brewery to anyone in the local area looking for a good time. They are one of the only brewery around that’s open everyday, and if you don’t have time to sit down for a drink, they have all their beers available to go in growlers.

Thank you to Ludlam Island Brewery for letting me take the tour and interview. The photos below are shots I took while on my visit.

Where the beer is fermented and distilled
Where the beer is fermented and distilled
Overhead view on the tour of the brewery.
Overhead view on the tour of the brewery.
All of Ludlum's beers on tap.
All of Ludlum’s beers on tap.
Lamplight IPA. ABV:7.3
Fish Alley IPA
Bay Much Brown Ale
Bay Much Brown Ale
Polar Bear Porter
Polar Bear Porter

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