Farewell Post

Sadly, this will be my final post, as I will be “retiring” the blog temporarily. In the future, I will be using the blog to keep notes on beer. You guys will still be able to access them, but they wont be detailed articles. Just my personal ratings for different beer.

Thank you to everyone that read the articles. I hope you enjoyed them! I learned a ton about multimedia this year and it’s already having a huge impact on my writing. Also, getting out and meeting people in the world of brewing was interesting and exciting every time. Thanks to all the breweries who helped with my stories.

That being said, these are my top 5 favorite articles and memories from the past few months (in no specific order).

Brewers Joe LaLuch and Brad Young Talk Working Atlantic City Beerfest 2017

Talking with Joe and Brad about brewing was great because of how lively they were. When they talked, they fed off of each other which was amazing to have for my first audio post. The main focus was on Atlantic City Beerfest, which was also an unreal experience.

Slack Tide Brewing Company

The Slacktide article was one of my favorites because of the quotes I got from co-founder of the brewery Jason Campbell. He was the perfect interview. It was also one of my earlier posts, but it came out well.

Ludlam Island Brewery

My first article of the year is in here not because it was the best, but because I learned alot from it. My writing was very descriptive in the article because I wasn’t aware of many multimedia techniques yet.

An Interview With Cold Spring Brewery’s Own Brian Shipley

This was my second to last article, and it was the most challenging at the time. It was also the most rewarding. Learning how to edit video was probably my favorite part of this whole experience and even though its not perfect, I’m proud of it.

Zack Pashely: Tasting Room Manager at Cape May Brewing Company

My final post utilized everything that I learned over the semester, and I loved the way it turned out. Pashely was a great interview, and Cape May Brewery was nice enough to have me take video of their facility.

Thank you again everybody. Cheers!

Tyler Douris


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