Where to Find Local Brews Outside The Brewery: Tuckahoe Inn and Seaville Tavern

Beers on tap at Tuckahoe Inn during Winter, 2017. Several of the beers were distributed by local breweries to the restaurant (Photo/ Tyler Douris).

As I’ve learned on my journey, it’s not just tours and tastings that keep breweries going. Even though a large part of the business is selling the product from the company’s facilities, breweries have to distribute to other places to turn a big profit. Distribution to local bars is key, especially considering that South Jersey is a shore town and when it gets warm, the bars fill up quick. I decided to focus this story on places you can find great local brews without heading to the brewery itself. Seaville Tavern and Tuckahoe Inn are both under ten minutes from the beach and serve up a wide variety of beers including Cape May Brewing Company, Ludlam Island Brewing Company, Slacktide Brewing Company, and many more!

On the bay right in Upper Township, Tuckahoe Inn gives a great summer vibe with a huge outdoor patio and deck as well as a beautiful bar on the inside. When I arrived, I was pleased to see that they carried three different Cape May Brewing Company brews on tap. Not only did they have Cape May IPA, but they carried Devil’s Reach (Belgian Strong Golden Ale) and Mop Water (Spiced Ale). Along with these, they also carry beers from Tuckahoe Brewery and Yards Brewing Company, which is out of Philadelphia.

Cape May Brewery’s Devil’s Reach, on tap at Tuckahoe Inn. Cape May Brewery distributes to several bars locally (Photo/ Tyler Douris).

As I sipped on a few and admired the view of the bay, the bartender informed me that Seaville Tavern also offers a nice selection of local beers. Once I finished up, I headed over there to check it out. Not only does the Tavern offer a massive selection of beers on tap, but they also offer flights just like the breweries. This way you can try a little bit of everything, and even change up which brewery you want.

In one flight, I was able to sample six different beers from six different local breweries. I absolutely love this idea. I got a little taste of everything and even got to see the end of the 76ers game. What a day.

A flight at Seaville Tavern, including brews from Ludlam Island, 7 Mile, Glasstown 609, Cape May Brewery, and Yards Brewery. The tavern offers flights of beer (Photo/ Tyler Douris). 

Places like the Tuckahoe Inn and Seaville Tavern really help out the brewing scene because it touches a wider scale of people. If your friend, husband or wife isn’t big on beer, you can still go out and try some with ease. This was a great experience and I was glad I could do a story about the brewing scene outside of the breweries themselves.

Seaville Tavern’s full atmosphere. A fun place to try a wide variety of local brews (Photo/ Tyler Douris). 

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