Recap: My Top 5 Favorite Beers In Cape May County

After visiting some great Cape May County breweries, I’ve decided to create a post narrowing down my top five favorite beers in the local area. The beers range in flavor and alcohol content, but I can guarantee you all five are worth trying at least once in your life.

#5… Cape May Brewing Company’s Coastal Evacuation Double IPA

Cape May Brewery really hit the nail on the head with Coastal Evacuation. With very bold, hoppy taste and hints of orange citrus, this beer is very original. It also has an 8% abv, making it strong like a hurricane. I wouldn’t recommend Coastal Evacuation to beginners, but if your an experienced beer nerd, you will absolutely love this brew.

#4… Ludlam Island Brewery’s Fish Alley IPA

Ludlam Island is the newest brewery in the area, but that doesn’t hold them back from creating some of the best brews on the market. Fish Alley IPA is their most popular beer since opening in 2015, and people are traveling from all over to try it out. Jamie Hagan from Sicklerville, a first timer at Ludlam Island, said “I don’t consider myself an IPA drinker, but that’s the best one I’ve ever had.” With dark, unfiltered citrus flavor, Fish Alley guarantees you wont forget that taste anytime soon.

Fish Alley IPA, the most popular beer at Ludlam Island, just freshly poured and ready to drink in Oceanview, N.J., February 14, 2017. Tyler Douris was trying this beer for the first time after hearing much hype. (Photo/ Tyler Douris) 

“The Fish Alley IPA has been by far the most popular since opening,” said Kristen Ralph, bartender at Ludlam.



#3…Cape May Brewing Company’s Cape May IPA

Cape May Brewery’s Cape May IPA is a prime example of what every IPA should have. Bold but smooth flavors, refreshing taste and a serious personality. This beer is perfect for the summertime for back yard barbecues or in the wintertime hanging out by the fire place. I find it to be one of the only beers that I can drink at any time and enjoy it every time.

Tyler Douris, 22, beer blogger and journalist, tastes a freshly poured Cape May IPA in Cape May, N.J., February 28, 2017. Douris claims he prefers IPA’s over most beers and really enjoys Cape May Brewery. (Photo/ Tyler Douris) 

“It should be a staple in the IPA world,” says Douris.



#2… Ludlam Island Brewery’s Bay Muck Brown Ale 

Once again Ludlam cracks my top five, this one arguably the best out of all of them. I bought a whole growler of this brew the second I tasted it for the first time. A lighter beer than all the others I’ve mentioned, Bay Muck is a true gem. Without a bitterness or unfiltered flavor like most IPA’s have, this beer is smooth and thirst quenching. As for lighter beers I’ve tried on my adventures, Bay Muck blows all the competition away. 10/10.

Bay Muck Brown Ale, by Ludlam Island, just poured by bartender Kristen Ralph in Oceanview, N.J., March 27, 2017. Ralph is more of a pale ale type, but loves the new Bay Muck as well. (Photo/ Tyler Douris) 

“We try to provide our customers with new brews every couple weeks,” said Ralph.



#1… Slack Tide Brewing Company’s 5 Fathom Pale Ale

Attention all beer drinkers. You will NOT find a better pale ale than Slack Tide’s 5 Fathom. It is hands down the best beer I’ve had in my entire life. The color, flavor, hops, everything about this beer is perfect. The first time I had it, the co-founder of Slack Tide Jason Campbell explained what goes into brewing this masterpiece. “5 Fathom is a pale ale that we dry hop to give it a less bitter aftertaste. It also has a bit of caramel malt to sweeten it up and tone down the hops.”

In my second post detailing my experience at Slack Tide, I stated “Although all the beers were exceptional, the first beer I tried, 5 Fatham, blew away any craft pale ale I’ve tasted. Period. The second it touched my lips I fell in love.” After a few months of going back and tasting it, I can now say 5 Fathom is not only my favorite pale ale, but its my favorite beer ever.

5 Fathom Pale Ale, By Slack Tide Brewing Company, about to be savored by beer blogger Tyler Douris in Cape May County, N.J., March 6, 2017. Douris thinks this may be the best pale ale in the entire state. (Photo/ Tyler Douris) 

“The second the beer touched my lips I fell in love,” said Douris.



Stay tuned for more posts everyone! Thank you!



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