Brewers Joe LaLuch and Brad Young Talk Working Atlantic City Beerfest 2017

Joe LaLuch and Brad Young, brewers at Ludlam Island Brewery, showing off some of their equipment in Oceanview, N.J., Monday, March 27, 2017. They guys were preparing for Atlantic City Beerfest 2017. (Photo/ Tyler Douris)
“We are going to pour four different beers at the festival, including a coffee IPA,” said Young.

Over the past 12 years, beer drinkers and brewers come to Atlantic City Beerfest to celebrate and try new brews. Atlantic City Beerfest is now the second largest beer festival in the entire country, and it just so happens that it takes place basically in my backyard. I live about 15 minutes away from Atlantic City, so I made it a priority to go and write an article about it.

With over 20,000 beer and music lovers in attendance, preparation for the festival is key. I got a chance to speak to two of the head brewers at Ludlam Island Brewing Company about what it was like to work at the festival. Joe LaLuch and Brad Young from Sea Isle City have a serious passion for beer, and this was the first time they had been to Beerfest. They explained to me that it was an unreal experience. On their off time they got to try brews from other breweries and enjoy the live music each session. “Even when we were busy it was hard to not have fun,” said Brad Young. “Everybody was respectful and a ton of people loved our beer. On our off time, we got to try everybody’s stuff out. It was an all around great experience and we will definitely be back.”

Below is the audio of a conversation I shared with both LaLuch and Young. They had some great things to share and I hope everybody enjoys them.


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